Tell us a litttle about yourself. How did you find your way to Pilates?

Dancing was my primary form of movement and exercise from age 3 through college: ballet, including 6 years of pointe, jazz, tap, drill team. I loved the focus on form and detail; dance was a form of movement that occupied my busy mind as much as my body! From college to law school to my first years as a new attorney in D.C., I tried jogging, kickboxing, aerobics, and yoga, but nothing really filled the space that dance had once filled for me and I became pretty sedentary. In 2009 a friend who had recently picked up Pilates with his personal trainer recommended that I try it and I took Mark’s beginner mat class. I quickly added private apparatus classes to my routine and was soon doing Pilates 5 days a week. I love Pilates because it is low impact on my pointe-shoe-damaged feet, it requires precision and focus, and there is always a way to modify an exercise to make it more challenging or simply different, so there is always something new to learn and master. I also love that I walk out of my Pilates workouts feeling refreshed, rather than drained or discouraged. Pilates has taught me a tremendous amount about functional movement in daily life as well; it’s not just about mastering any one move in the studio (though boy was I excited when I first nailed inversions on the Cadillac!).

What made you decide to start teaching and what do you enjoy most about teaching/working with clients?

I left my legal practice in 2013 and definitely love the fact that my Pilates clients are actually happy to see my every week–legal clients are rarely very happy to hear from their attorneys! I love seeing my clients gain strength, maintain strength, and alleviate chronic pain through their Pilates practice. I’ve particularly enjoyed working with prenatal clients throughout their pregnancies and working with older clients who are looking to remain strong and mobile. Everyone comes to this practice with different goals and different limitations and I love that Pilates provides a framework to create a workout for nearly everyone. Teaching in downtown DC also provides the opportunity to work with incredibly smart, interesting people who I love getting to know on a personal level. I think everyone I currently teach is someone I’d love to sit down and have lunch with outside the studio.

What else inspires you in life?

I’m a pretty curious person and I love to travel, so I am always plotting the next destination to explore (and fortunately, my well-traveled Pilates clients have provided recommendations for me for everything from a breakfast spot in Curacao to an under-appreciated ruin in Peru!). I grew interested in nutrition several years ago and I’m currently finishing my health coach certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so my husband is now very well trained on reading food labels and we enjoy cooking at home much more than we did when we practiced law at big firms and most of our meals came from a restaurant or a microwave. I love music and movies and try to squeeze in a solo trip to the independent movie theater a few times a month between clients, and to catch some live music at least once a month. I enjoy being near the water and my sailing husband thinks he will one day convice me that we should buy a boat–I am trying to convince him that we should instead focus on finding friends with boats….




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