When Carolyn began her fitness career, it was all about competition. With a regime of heavy weight training, hard-core cardio, and strict dieting, Carolyn won the top titles in Fitness America, the National Aerobics Championship, the ESPN2 Series, and, in 2002, the Fitness Universe Championship. While pounding through another cardio class, or pushing through one more weight set, Carolyn says, “I used to look over at the Pilates classes and I’d think, ‘Why are those people just lying around? Why don’t they get up and exercise?’”

Carolyn worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, teaching kickboxing, spinning, and weight training. After retiring from competition, she finally gave Pilates a try. “I’d been so hard on my body,” Carolyn said, “and suddenly here was this gentle, thoughtful way to work out. For the first time, I was focusing on body symmetry, on relieving joint pressure, and just having happier bones!” Pilates, Carolyn believes, gave her the healthy, toned body she felt had always eluded her, even in her competition years.

Carolyn completed both Mat Training (2009) and Machine Training (2010), and wants to teach Pilates to everybody!

Located in Dupont circle in Washington DC. close to the Dupont Circle Metro Station

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“Every moment of your life can be the beginning of great things.” Joseph Pilates

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