Since 2001, Quantum Pilates has been a fixture in the Washington DC Wellness and Fitness community. Owner and Master Instructor Mark Trudeau’s passion for the practice of Pilates shows not only in the loyalty of our clients but also in the comprehensive programs offered at our beautiful and peaceful Dupont Circle DC Pilates Studio.

We’re proud to offer a wide range of programs, including challenging TRX classes, vigorous Pilates machine and mat workouts and as well as Physical Therapy and rehab after-care. Whether you’re training for fitness or seeking a deeper mind-body connection, you will be surprised and impressed by what Quantum Pilates can do for you.

Dear Quantum Family

It is with a heavy heart but great resolve that we are announcing that we are closing our studio for in person sessions of any kind, until at least May 15, effective today March 18, 2020
The health and well-being of the staff, patients, clients and their families is of the utmost importance to us. Therefor we believe it is our obligation and responsibility to do our part and close our doors to help contain the spread of this disease.
We have set up the easy to use Zoom online platform so that we can stay in touch and continue to work with you remotely. Especially now, it will be important to keep moving and stay connected with our bodies and with each other.
This is an all new mode of care practice for the Quantum staff, so please cheer for our success. Your patience and support is deeply appreciated!
PT clients, if you think you might be interested check with your insurance providers for specific coverage details regarding telehealth physical therapy services.  
Online group classes are now available!
Tuesday 6:45 pm – Multi Level Mat
Thursday 7pm – Intermediate Mixed
Friday 12:30pm – Reformer on the Mat
Saturday 10:00am – Multilevel Mat
and we will send you a link to the Zoom session.
EMAIL US at the link below if you would like to set up a private session.
We will be in touch to let you know all the details but please EMAIL US with any of your questions or concerns.

The Quantum Pilates Story

Thoughtful – Experienced – Masterful

Quantum Pilates has been a fixture in Washington DC since 2001. Owner and Master Instructor Mark Trudeau’s Pilates journey started with his extensive training as a professional dancer. After being trained and certified in many different types of exercise, something about Pilates just clicked. His expertise and deep connection to the Washington DC wellness and fitness community is reflected in his incredible teaching and training skills, as he was one of the first certified Pilates instructors in DC and has been something of a mentor to many other Pilates professionals in the area. Mark believes that Pilates is not just a series of rote exercises but rather a living, breathing system and that conviction is deeply reflected in the work of our practice.

Listen to Mark impart his expertise and experience with everything Pilates, from its history to what it can do for you today, in this interview with Doctors To You.

The Quantum Pilates Experience

Our uniquely effective approach to Pilates shows not only in the loyalty of our clients, but also in the comprehensive programs offered at our beautiful and peaceful Dupont Circle Pilates Studio in DC. We strive to create an environment that promotes healing, education and strength through our diverse range of workshops, teacher training, equipment and rehabilitation programs. So whether your motivation is strength, learning, flexibility or mind-body connection, our experienced and well-trained instructors will devise a unique program that caters to your needs. More.

The Quantum Pilates Promise

Whether you are here for rehabilitation or wellness, our commitment is to help you to achieve a body that is without pain, optimize postural alignment and physical well-being. We understand that health is a journey, and will do whatever we can to support you every step of the way. Our instructors place emphasis on education, strength and healing and will work with you to show you that every moment of your life can be the beginning of great things.

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Located in Dupont circle in Washington DC. close to the Dupont Circle Metro Station

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“Every moment of your life can be the beginning of great things.” Joseph Pilates

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