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Pilates is a physical fitness method developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Joe was a sickly child who wanted to find ways to grow a healthy and strong mind and body. Through his work with bedridden WWII internees and his passion for boxing, dance, and gymnastics, he expanded his ideas into what we know as Pilates today.Pilates exercises are based on natural movements that facilitate universal muscular development. The goal is to help you restore the natural balance and power in your body. Pilates works outward from your core to help you stretch and activate your muscles. The full set of Pilates exercises, whether done on the mat or with the additional challenge of the Pilates equipment, are perfectly suited for you to find your way back to your body.

New to Quantum Pilates?

Just like Joseph Pilates, founder and master instructor, Mark Trudeau, used his own life experiences to make Quantum Pilates a unique and supportive environment. We hope that you will enjoy the experience and can find a class that is perfect for you. Check below for great options for your first visits. We offer both private and group workouts for those interested in Mat classes or Machine classes. Plus, we also offer physical therapy for all your rehab needs. For more information, check the FAQ page or contact us at info@quantumpilates.com.

Our instructors are all trained by Mark and are here to help you get the most benefit out of your workout session. No matter who you are, or what your needs are, our goal is to help you be the best you can be, in your workout, and in your everyday life.

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First Pilates Mat Class

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Private Machine Orientation (2 sessions)

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