About Us

About Our Beginnings:

Quantum Pilates was founded in 2001 by our Master Instructor and Reconnective Healing Practitioner Mark Trudeau, who made his journey to Pilates through his 10 years as a professional dancer and 25 years of experience in exercise, fitness and wellness. He received certifications from AFAA and IDEA/ACE in aerobics and personal training in the 1980’s. Mark earned his Pilates certifications from the Physical Mind Institute in 1997 and his PMA certification in 2004, along with a Schroth Scoliosis Management Certification in 2011 which allows him to help a community of people that he feels are underserved by the health industry.  His rich background has allowed him to approach Pilates from a unique perspective, developing and teaching a training regime that reflects his own masterful expertise, thoughtfulness and experience.

About Our Studio:

In 2006 we felt the need to expand in order to better serve the needs of our clients in the Washington DC area and moved our Pilates practice to our current location in Dupont Circle. Since then, we’ve created an environment that is as peaceful as it is educational and healing. Quantum currently utilizes Pilates Mat, Reformer, Chair, and Cadillac as a holistic rehabilitative approach to exercise. Pilates Based Physical Therapy is also available to treat a multitude of patients by providing a thorough evaluation to identify postural faults, muscular imbalances, and movement impairments that contribute to pain and activity limitations. Quantum also offers GYROTONIC® which allows our clients to move naturally without joint stress or impact.

About Our Staff:

Our staff members range from apprentice level to master level, which allows us to cater to a wide range of skill sets and needs. In addition to our private and group fitness classes, we also offer Pilates based physical therapy and rehabilitation solutions.