Pilates One-on-One


Pilates One-on-One in Washington DC

Our private sessions suit a variety of needs. Whether you have been discharged from Physical Therapy or have other health concerns, pain or injury; are looking to take group machine classes but are unfamiliar with Pilates, or if you simply prefer working one-on-one; Quantum Pilates Private Sessions will work for you. Scheduled at your convenience, our instructor will carefully assess your individual wants and needs and provide you with a personalized workout. Our beautifully equipped Dupont Circle studio has a full array of Pilates apparatus to accommodate all experience levels.

One on One Instruction, for Everyone.
Since Quantum Pilates is a teaching studio, we offer the convenience of instructors at different cost levels, based on their years of experience. All our instructors have completed Quantum Pilates’ comprehensive and rigorous training program and are either Pilates Method Alliance certified or on their way to complete the 700 hours of training required to attain that certification. This diverse range of teaching levels enables you to find a trainer that meets your needs and budget. Visit our staff page to learn more about our Instructors and find the teacher who’ll be right for you.

Please note: If recovering from injury, or having other health concerns, we recommend starting your journey with a private session to learn how to appropriately modify your workout for your condition. Quantum Physical Therapy may well serve your rehabilitation needs, and as always, consult your health care professional.


Single Session w/ Apprentice

$ 75/1 session

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5 Sessions w/ Apprentice

$ 350/5 sessions

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10 Sessions w/ Apprentice

$ 650/10 sessions

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Single Session w/ Certified

$ 110/1 session

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5 Sessions w/ Certfied

$ 525/5 sessions

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10 Sessions w/ Certfied

$ 1000/10 sessions

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Single Session w/ Master

$ 160/1 session

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5 Sessions w/ Master

$ 775/5 sessions

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10 Sessions w/ Master

$ 1500/10 sessions

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